Wedding Music Tip #4

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Finding wedding playlists to suit your ceremony is a challenge. And although the technology that rides around in our pocket has dramatically opened up the options, there is now even more to wade through!

Have you ever had that feeling that there must be the perfect playlist out there somewhere? The one that would just be spot-on for your wedding? Well I have one sweet little trick to share that might just make it easier for you to find that list:

Use keywords from your vows to search your favourite streaming service.

That’s it! It’s one of those simple ideas that just isnt obvious, but can make a world of difference.

For instance, if your vows included the phrase, “I love everything about you”, you could type exactly that into the search bar of your music app, and look through the results for songs and playlists. It’s simple, and it can shake up your search strings in just the right way.

Now, if you haven’t gotten up to writing your vows yet, you’ll need to get right on that. And if you’re not writing personal vows, this doesn’t help at all! The important thing to recognise is that when you write your vows, you have to focus on what matters most to you, and to your fiancé. And that focus is valuable, so use it 🙂

If you need a little help selecting a streaming service, try this list.

And if you need help writing your vows, check out my video on how to write vows!

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