Wedding Music Tip #2


Finding the best wedding songs to match the feeling you want for your wedding is a challenge. And although the technology that rides around in our pocket has dramatically opened up the options, there is now even more to wade through!

You probably already use streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, or one of the many other services. You may even be using a music identification app like Shazam or Soundhound. Between these two types of apps, you have the best pair of helpers you can get for setting the tone for your big day.

And these ideas are still helpful even if you are lucky enough to have live musicians performing at your ceremony.

Get set up

Here are my steps for setting up your music selection strategy:

  1. If you don’t already have both a music identification app and a music streaming app that lets you make playlists, download one of each and set up an account
  2. List the sections of your ceremony you want music for, and create a new playlist for each section
  3. Make sure you and your partner both have access to the playlists and can add to them as well as listent to them
  4. Ensure your music identification app is very easy to access on the go

That’s all for the setup. Now, you may have a few tracks to add to your playlists already, and thats great. I suggest that you dont rush to fill them up though. These playlists are your shortlists, so you want to keep them as short as possible to begin with.

And to get the best wedding songs in them, allow the inspiration to come. Hopefully you’ve set yourself up months before the big day. So when you hear a song that could be suitable, ID it, and add it to the appropriate playlist (remembering that you can add the same song to all the shortlists if its suitable).

It’s also good to keep in mind that your additions may inspire your fiancé to add theirs, so a slow burn is great. Just keep an understanding between yourselves that you only delete tracks from a playlist together.

Set a deadline

The next thing to do, though, is to set a deadline for closing the playlists. And when that deadline happens, it’s time to sit down with your fiance and select from the tracks youve shortlisted.

Allow hours! You won’t be on the same page all the way, so you need to allow yourselves time to get there. Most importantly, listen to each other!

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