Great Dates for Weddings 2024

Great Dates for Weddings 2024

What are the best dates for scheduling your 2024 wedding in Australia? Well here’s a list! You might want to choose one of these dates, or you might want to avoid them, but this is a great place to start selecting your wedding date in 2024!

Special Days

There are some interesting dates that fall on a weekend in 2024, although there’s more Sundays in this list than usual!

  • Lunar New Year falls on Saturday 10 February
  • Perennial favourite Valentines Day will be on a Wednesday, so there won’t be much competition for that day!
  • Saint Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday in 2024
  • Trans Day of Visibility would be a great day for trans folk to celebrate their love (Sunday 31 March)
  • Lamington Day happens to fall on Sunday 21 June, and that would make for a very interesting wedding cake!
  • Wattle Day is the perfect day for true patriots, and it falls on Saturday 1 September
  • If you want to pick a Friday the 13th, your options are September and December
  • Intersex Awareness Day is on Saturday 26 October, making for a perfect celebration for intersex folk

Dates with nice numbers

  • Sunday 4 February has the palindromic 4/2/24
  • Saturday 24 February has a neat little 24/2/24
  • 24 August is nicely patterned with 24/8/24

Beyond these, I can also suggest the day of the magnificent Gippsland Pride Gala would make for a very hectic but memorable wedding!

The King’s Birthday long weekend is also worth considering, because very few Australians have any significant commitments.

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