Great Dates for Weddings 2023

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What are the best wedding dates for 2023, Australia? I have a few suggestions…

Special days

Quite a few special days happen to fall on a Saturday in 2023

  • New Year’s Day is a Sunday in 2023
  • Friday the 13th happens in January and October if you want to tempt fate!
  • Lunar New Year falls on Sunday 22 January
  • Valentine’s Day is a Tuesday, so not too many people are going to be competing for it
  • April Fool’s Day, on the other hand, could be quite popular as it falls on a Saturday
  • Bisexual fiancés can really Celebrate Bisexuality Day which happens to fall on Saturday 23 October!
  • Halloween is also a Saturday, making All Soul’s Day a Sunday, and both are great wedding dates
  • And to round it off, New Year’s Eve also boasts a fine Sunday locale!

Dates with nice numbers

  • Thursday 2 March has the tidy 2.3.23
  • Sunday 12 March offers 12.3.23
  • Friday 31 March joins them with 31.3.23
  • Two Saturdays fall on the 23rd of the month: 23 September 23 and 23 December 23
  • Sunday 23 April 23 also has a nice ring to it
  • Friday 1 December has a sequential 1.12.23

Novelty dates with little competition

Avoiding Saturdays for your wedding ceremony can make booking easier and save you some cash. 2023 has fewer novelty dates than most years, but they’re not altogether absent:

  • Thursday 2 March is 2.3.23
  • Friday 3 March is similarly charming with 3.3.23
  • Friday 31 March also avoids the competition with 31.3.23
  • Friday 1 December has a sequential 1.12.23

As always, same sex couples can consider all of Pride Month a novelty date with little competition, because June is one of the months when the fewest weddings are held.

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