Great Dates for Weddings 2022

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What are the best wedding dates for 2022, Australia? I have a few suggestions…

Special days

  • New Year’s Day falls on a Saturday, so it will probably be more popular than usual
  • Lunar New Year falls on Tuesday 1 February in 2022 so there won’t be a lot of people clamouring for it
  • Valentine’s Day is a Monday, so not too many people are going to book your spot there either
  • April Fool’s Day falls on a Friday, and I can imagine inviting your friends to an engagement party that turns out to be a wedding ceremony would work very well indeed!
  • Friday the 13th happens in May if you want to tempt fate!
  • Lesbian fiancés can rejoice because International Lesbian Day happens to fall on a Saturday (8 October)!

Dates with many twos

Is 2 the lucky number for wedding dates in 2022? There are twos everywhere this year!

  • February offers 2.2.22 and 22.2.22, which fall on Wednesday and Tuesday respectively
  • Two Saturdays fall on the 22nd of the month, and one is in the most popular month of the year for weddings, so I imagine 22 October 22 is going to be a very popular date, and 22 January 22 won’t be far behind it!
  • Friday 22 April 22 is also a great option, but I’m already booked!
  • 22 May 22 falls on a Sunday
  • 22 July 22 falls on a Friday

Novelty dates with little competition

Avoiding Saturdays for your wedding ceremony can make booking easier and save you some cash. These dates would make your wedding ceremony just a little more special:

  • Wednesday 2 February can be shortened to 2.2.22
  • Tuesday 22 February can become 22.2.22
  • Thursday 10 November sounds good as 10.11.22
  • Armistice Day offers 11.11.22
  • Sunday 11 December has triplets: 11.12.22

Same sex couples can consider all of Pride Month a novelty date with little competition, because June is one of the months when the fewest weddings are held.

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