Wedding Music Tip #4

FIND WEDDING PLAYLISTS THAT SUIT YOU Finding wedding playlists to suit your ceremony is a challenge. And although the technology that rides around in our pocket has dramatically opened up the options, there is now even more to wade through! Have you ever had that feeling that there must be the perfect playlist out thereContinue reading “Wedding Music Tip #4”

What Do We Have To Say?

If you want a short ceremony or you’re going to write your ceremony yourself, here is what you have to include.

Given Away?

When it comes to gay wedding ideas, giving away the bride is not the most obvious consideration, but it can be relevant for same sex couples.

BDM Fee Increase

On an entirely different note for this blog, a price hike has led me to review my pricing structure for weddings. Victoria’s Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) recently increased the cost of birth, death and marriage certificates by almost 50%. In my opinion, this increase is not just extreme in value, but alsoContinue reading “BDM Fee Increase”

Help! I’m the Best Man!

Being chosen as the best man for a friend’s wedding is one of those great honours people long for. But how do you write a best man’s speech, and what else is expected? Here’s a quick guide to get you started. The role First and foremost, a best man should remember that he is thereContinue reading “Help! I’m the Best Man!”

Wedding Music Tip #3

CLASSIC WEDDING SONGS Classic wedding songs used to be social cues. When I was a lad we knew when to stand and when to sit based on the tune that was being played. These days, I have to tell guests when it’s time to stand or sit. I like it when couples select music that’sContinue reading “Wedding Music Tip #3”

Changing Your Name After Marriage in Victoria

You don’t have to change your name when you get married. But if you decide to, the most challenging part is prioritising what to do first. So here’s a guide for newlyweds changing their name after marriage in Victoria. What are my rights? You always retain the right to use the name on your birthContinue reading “Changing Your Name After Marriage in Victoria”

Wedding Music Tip #2

FIND THE BEST WEDDING SONGS ON THE GO Finding the best wedding songs to match the feeling you want for your wedding is a challenge. And although the technology that rides around in our pocket has dramatically opened up the options, there is now even more to wade through! You probably already use streaming appsContinue reading “Wedding Music Tip #2”

How to Write Wedding Vows

Transcript for How to Write Wedding Vows: I don’t know how many times I’ve sat at my desk waiting for a couple to—you know—send me their vows when it’s getting really close to the line. And the fact that I have to wait so often really indicates to me that there must be something IContinue reading “How to Write Wedding Vows”

You may now kiss the…

Traditionally, after the official business of marrying a couple is done, a celebrant will say something like, “you may now kiss the bride”. Which makes sense if it’s the nineteenth century and a groom has just taken possession of his bride. But I’ve never been comfortable with that wording. I don’t have the authority toContinue reading “You may now kiss the…”

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