How to Pick Your Wedding Date

Choosing the best time to get married is no mean feat! Whatever you pick, you’re stuck with it as your anniversary! But even more important than that, the date you pick can influence: who you can book where you can book what it will cost, and whether you can even get what you want! So,Continue reading “How to Pick Your Wedding Date”

Great Dates for Weddings 2022

What are the best wedding dates for 2022, Australia? I have a few suggestions… Special days New Year’s Day falls on a Saturday, so it will probably be more popular than usual Lunar New Year falls on Tuesday 1 February in 2022 so there won’t be a lot of people clamouring for it Valentine’s DayContinue reading “Great Dates for Weddings 2022”

Wedding Music Tip #1

USE YOUR SOCIALS TO FIND YOUR IDEAL WEDDING SONGS One of the things engaged folks often struggle with in planning their ceremony is selecting wedding songs. Everyone agonises over it… but you’ve probably already given yourself a hint without even knowing it! If you’ve been using social media for any period of time, you’ve probablyContinue reading “Wedding Music Tip #1”

Much Ado About Titles

I had one of those awww moments recently, on seeing an article about a bride in the United Kingdom who, facing pandemic restrictions, stood down…


Of all the wedding traditions that have fallen by the wayside, I think handfasting is the one with the most potential. Then again, it wouldn’t have that potential if it had not fallen away in the first place. Handfasting is a Scottish practice that was intended more as an act of betrothal than of binding.Continue reading “Handfasting”

Walk Me Down The Aisle

For many, walking down the aisle is a rite of passage, but in a modern context, it is fraught with paradoxes.

The Processional

When it comes to wedding pomp, few traditions stack up to the grandeur of the processional. When I was a lad, I was taught pretty quickly that when those first few notes from Wagner’s Bridal Chorus rang out, my role was to stand up to honour the bride. I never even heard of the operaContinue reading “The Processional”

Unique wedding venues in South Gippsland

One of the best things about these unique wedding venues may be their price, but that doesn’t make them cheap wedding venues!

To fiancée or not to fiancée?

Conventionally, we say that fiancé is masculine, and fiancée is feminine, but there is a subtle inequality that bears more exploration.

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