Help! I’m the Maid of Honour!

Being chosen as the maid of honour for a friend’s wedding is one of those great roles people long for. But what, exactly is expected? And with the changing nature of weddings, do you have to deliver a maid of honour’s speech? Here’s a quick guide to get you started. The role First and foremost,Continue reading “Help! I’m the Maid of Honour!”

What Do We Have To Say?

If you want a short ceremony or you’re going to write your ceremony yourself, here is what you have to include.

Given Away?

When it comes to gay wedding ideas, giving away the bride is not the most obvious consideration, but it can be relevant for same sex couples.

Help! I’m the Best Man!

Being chosen as the best man for a friend’s wedding is one of those great honours people long for. But how do you write a best man’s speech, and what else is expected? Here’s a quick guide to get you started. The role First and foremost, a best man should remember that he is thereContinue reading “Help! I’m the Best Man!”

How to Write Wedding Vows

Transcript for How to Write Wedding Vows: I don’t know how many times I’ve sat at my desk waiting for a couple to—you know—send me their vows when it’s getting really close to the line. And the fact that I have to wait so often really indicates to me that there must be something IContinue reading “How to Write Wedding Vows”

You may now kiss the…

Traditionally, after the official business of marrying a couple is done, a celebrant will say something like, “you may now kiss the bride”. Which makes sense if it’s the nineteenth century and a groom has just taken possession of his bride. But I’ve never been comfortable with that wording. I don’t have the authority toContinue reading “You may now kiss the…”


Of all the wedding traditions that have fallen by the wayside, I think handfasting is the one with the most potential. Then again, it wouldn’t have that potential if it had not fallen away in the first place. Handfasting is a Scottish practice that was intended more as an act of betrothal than of binding.Continue reading “Handfasting”

Walk Me Down The Aisle

For many, walking down the aisle is a rite of passage, but in a modern context, it is fraught with paradoxes.

The Processional

When it comes to wedding pomp, few traditions stack up to the grandeur of the processional. When I was a lad, I was taught pretty quickly that when those first few notes from Wagner’s Bridal Chorus rang out, my role was to stand up to honour the bride. I never even heard of the operaContinue reading “The Processional”

Unique wedding venues in South Gippsland

One of the best things about these unique wedding venues may be their price, but that doesn’t make them cheap wedding venues!

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