Scripting Your Wedding

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Scripting Your Wedding

If you’re on this page, you must be serious about planning your wedding!

Below there are some descriptions and links to what I call my ‘standard scripts’. This just means that they’re not written for any specific couple, but can be used by anyone.

If you’ve chosen my Ceremony With Feels package (see my pricing page), you can select one of these, and I will replace anything in green with your names and pronouns and make a few small adjustments to suit the circumstances of your wedding.

If you’ve chosen my Ceremony With All The Feels package (see my pricing page), these ceremonies are helpful to give you some ideas about the possibilities. Your script, however, will be written specifically for you. It is especially helpful for you to have a look at these scripts before we discuss what you want. The last two especially will show you two ways to make your ceremony different. The most significant feature that is not included in these standard scripts, but which I usually include in your own script is something that describes the journey you’ve been on to get to your wedding day.

Another handy resource is my playlist of great tracks for weddings, here on Spotify

Click on the links below to read the scripts:


This script adds a flourish at every turn


This script gets straight to the point

Ceremoniously Queer

A script with special flourishes for rainbow couples

Shortest Script

Want a wedding in under three minutes? This is how.

Rhyming Couplets

A light and fun wedding inspired by Dr. Seuss


A ceremony where you’re the centre with guests on all sides

For detailed information and general advice on planning your wedding, please check my Services Guide or scroll through my blog.

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