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Queens know how to march! But ask us about walking down the aisle, and we’re not so confident. When it comes to how two brides walk down the aisle, there are a few things to consider.

First (and foremost), like most other wedding traditions, walking down the aisle is entirely optional. Depending on your style and your preferences, you may or may not want to do it at all. All love is equal, but the way you celebrate it is as unique as you are!

The reason walking down the aisle remains popular is that it is an opportunity to make an entrance. In both oriental and occidental traditions, brides have always made an entrance. And because of that, there remains a strong expectation that this will still happen, regardless of how many brides there are.

When there are two grooms, there is also no reason to omit the entrance either! In a hetero wedding, the groom usually just turns up and hangs out with the guests, waiting for the bride to arrive. But there is no reason why one or both grooms should not get an entrance.

What are the options?

If you’re used to conventional weddings where the only bride walks down the aisle, it may be difficult to imagine a double-entrance. This can be done:

  • one after the other
  • simultaneously (if you can split your guests between two aisles), or even
  • arm-in-arm.

Like most traditions, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

And for the most intimate and casual of weddings, I would simply suggest omitting the tradition altogether. In some of the most beautiful weddings I have solemnised the couple got ready together and travelled together to the ceremony. These weddings are absolutely as meaningful and heartfelt as those where the couple prepare separately and make an entrance.

And just in case any straight grooms out there were wondering; YES it is entirely appropriate for you to make a big entrance. I am always happy to incorporate the groom into the processional. Get in touch!

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