How to Select Music for a Funeral, Tip #1

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One of the things we often struggle with when planning a funeral is selecting music. We all agonise over it… but there’s every chance the loved one you’re trying to honour has given you some help without even knowing it.

If they’ve been using social media for any period of time, they probably expressed pleasure about a song or two over the years… well that is a gold mine for music selection!

Facebook makes this particularly easy:

  1. Go to their profile
  2. Click on the menu button []
  3. Click on Search Profile
  4. Type song or track or any other term they might have used to post about music they like, and check the results… remembering that the first one to come up might not be the gold you’re after, so keep on scrolling!

Other social media platforms aren’t quite so helpful with this, but you can always bring up their profile on a desktop web browser and then press CTRL + F to bring up your browser’s native search function and do the same searches. They might not be as targeted, but they should still deliver the result you need!

Another approach to searching their profile, is to search for artists you know they liked, so see what specific tracks they enjoyed.

This may not be helpful at all if your loved one wasn’t using social media or if they weren’t very active, so have a look at my other funeral planning tips for more ideas.

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