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Ever thought about an elopement? Just past the Melbourne fringe, we are in elopement territory! Elopements were once a surreptitious—perhaps even a devious—way to get married without anyone telling you what you should and shouldn’t do.

Not anymore!

Getting married in an intimate ceremony that your friends and family don’t know about is now a genuinely romantic idea.

An elopement can be a great way to reduce the cost of your wedding. The median spend on weddings in Australia is around $24,000, but an elopement can be done for under $1,000.

Elopements are also a good way to reduce the stress of a wedding.

And there are so many ways to do it:

  • Make it a top secret affair and not tell anyone
  • Bring your kids or your besties
  • Joke about eloping so no one thinks you’re going to, and share the photos afterwards
  • Just tell everyone you’re eloping and livestream it to the world!

Trevar Alan Skillicorn-Chilver, Celebrant can fit into your elopement plans, or you can take the all-inclusive Loch Elopement Package and make it yours. This is really only limited by your imagination, so get in touch and let’s make your elopement dream a reality.

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Gift an Elopement Ceremony

An elopement ceremony is a fantastic gift to present in certain circumstances… the main thing to consider is that a celebrant is a very personal choice. Just because you think I’m the bee’s knees doesn’t mean the people you’re buying for think the same. And just because their elopement from Melbourne needs to be close doesn’t mean South Gippsland is the right spot for them.

If you’re considering giving a ceremony as a gift, I suggest you discuss it with the recipients first. When you offer to cover the costs, allow them to choose the celebrant. And remember that paying for a ceremony doesn’t mean your preferences trump those of the recipients.

If you would like a gift certificate, I am able to help. Just get in touch (details below) to discuss the circumstances.

Testimonial saying "Trevar, you did a fabulous job. Our guests were relaxed and moved by the heartfelt ceremony. Thank you."
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