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Commitment Ceremonies

The commitments we make to the people we love are something worth celebrating. Commitment ceremonies celebrate the joy of finding someone—or a few someones—that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Many people choose a commitment ceremony because they want to celebrate their commitment in a personal way without the legalities or government paperwork involved. Others may be in polyamorous relationships, and want to make that heartfelt commitment to more than one person.

Commitment ceremonies are great for both those for whom a legal wedding isn’t an option, and for those who don’t want a legal wedding. They allow you to celebrate your commitment with friends and family—or for that matter, your chosen family.

The sky really is the limit. A commitment ceremony’s significance is in what it means to the people involved, and their community. Have a look through my wedding planning blog posts, as many of them will also be relevant to commitment ceremonies.

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Gift a Commitment Ceremony

A ceremony is a fantastic gift to present in certain circumstances… the one thing to consider is that a celebrant is a very personal choice. Just because you think I’m the bee’s knees doesn’t mean the people you’re buying for think the same.

If you’re considering giving a commitment ceremony as a gift, I suggest you discuss it with the recipients first. When you offer to cover the costs, allow them to choose the celebrant. And remember that paying for a ceremony doesn’t mean your preferences trump those of the recipients.

If you would like a gift certificate, I am able to help. Just get in touch (details below) to discuss the circumstances.

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