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Funerals and other Memorial Services

Some folks leave very specific instructions for how they want their family to arrange their funeral, but most don’t. A funeral might be focused on someone who has died, but they mostly benefit those who remain.

Most Australian funerals follow a set pattern. But there are as many ways to celebrate and honour your loved ones as there are loved ones.

That’s why you need a celebrant who is happy to throw out any tradition that doesn’t hold meaning for the mourners. And also one who is happy to embrace the traditions that do hold meaning.

Depending on how you want to honour and farewell your loved one, you can approach me in two ways:

  • If you wish to hold a ceremony with the remains of your loved one present, let your funeral director know you would like to use my services and also contact me directly
  • For memorials or vigils without remains, just get in touch and we can plan a ceremony that best celebrates your loved one.

Whichever of these works for you, the choice about which traditions to include and which to ditch is entirely up to you.

Funeral planning

For help with planning a funeral, memorial or vigil, head over to my blog, where you will find posts on many aspects of planning a funeral, including very helpful suggestions for selecting funeral music, and writing a eulogy.

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Code of Practice

As a member of the Funeral Celebrants Association of Australia, I am bound by the Association’s Code of Practice. I endeavour to go beyond this in meeting my clients’ expectations. If I fail, I hope you will let me know. If I am unable to rectify the situation for you, you will be able to lodge a formal complaint with the Association.

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