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Adoption and Baby Naming Ceremonies

What could be better than celebrating a new life coming into your family? Amongst the nappy changing and sleepless nights, there’s a joy and the promise of so much more love to share.

A child can enter a family in all manner of ways. By accident; the simple course of nature; careful planning; surrogacy or compassionate adoption. However your family comes together, every new life we welcome into our family deserves to be celebrated.

Traditionally, Australian families welcome babies by popping up to the nearest building with a cross on it and having them sprinkle whatever’s-in-that-bowl on the little one’s head. The service I offer is a little more personal, a little more organic, and a little more you.

I don’t care how many parents are on the job or who they love or what they believe or even the mum to dad ratio: if children are being raised in a home where love rules, I want to celebrate that.

Image of the baby naming ceremony celebrant with the words "Trevar Skillicorn-Chilver is an out, loud and proud advocate for celebrating LGBTIQA+ families" and the hashtag love is love.

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Gift a Ceremony

An adoption or baby naming ceremony is a fantastic gift to present in certain circumstances… the one thing to consider is that a celebrant is a very personal choice. Just because you think I’m the bee’s knees doesn’t mean the person or people you’re buying for think the same.

If you’re considering giving an adoption or baby naming ceremony as a gift, I suggest you discuss it with the recipient/s first. When you offer to cover the costs, allow them to choose the celebrant. And remember that paying for a ceremony doesn’t mean your preferences trump those of the recipients.

If you would like a gift certificate, I am able to help. Just get in touch (details below) to discuss the circumstances.

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