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Ceremonies mark important moments in our lives.

Usually, they mark a change, and they take our communities on that journey of change with us. It could be a change in our commitment to another person, a change of gender, a change of name or even our transition from life to death.

The most important thing is that you are the centre of your ceremony.

If you’re planning a ceremony in South Gippsland or the surrounding regions, click on the enquiry button below and let’s start planning for the kind of ceremony you always dreamed of.

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Gift a Ceremony

A ceremony is a fantastic gift to present in certain circumstances… the one thing to consider is that a celebrant is a very personal choice. Just because you think I’m the bee’s knees doesn’t mean the people you’re buying for think the same.

If you’re considering giving a commitment ceremony as a gift, I suggest you discuss it with the recipients first. When you offer to cover the costs, allow them to choose the celebrant. And remember that paying for a ceremony doesn’t mean your preferences trump those of the recipients.

If you would like a gift certificate, I am able to help. Just get in touch (details below) to discuss the circumstances.

Code of Practice

As an Authorised Celebrant, I am bound by the Marriage Celebrants’ Code of Practice. I am also committed to the Code of Practice of the Funeral Celebrants Association of Australia. I endeavour to go beyond these codes in meeting my clients’ expectations for their ceremony. If I fail, I hope you will let me know. If I am unable to rectify the situation for you, there are external organisations that can help.

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