Walk Me Down The Aisle

For many, walking down the aisle is a rite of passage, but in a modern context, it is fraught with paradoxes.

The Processional

When it comes to wedding pomp, few traditions stack up to the grandeur of the processional. When I was a lad, I was taught pretty quickly that when those first few notes from Wagner’s Bridal Chorus rang out, my role was to stand up to honour the bride. I never even heard of the operaContinue reading “The Processional”

3 Years On: almost equal is still unequal

Feature photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash. Marriage equality was a great achievement in Australia, but is marriage really equally accessible to all Australians now? Polyamorous marriage is still not something available to those who do not subscribe to the prevailing hegemony of monogamy.

Unique wedding venues in South Gippsland

One of the best things about these unique wedding venues may be their price, but that doesn’t make them cheap wedding venues!

To fiancée or not to fiancée?

Conventionally, we say that fiancé is masculine, and fiancée is feminine, but there is a subtle inequality that bears more exploration.

Playlists to inspire

Looking for the right track for signing the register? Need a track that will put all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle? Want to surprise your guests with the most tear-jerking song for your recessional? If my Spotify suggestions aren’t cutting it for you, HerCanberra has the list of lists!  image: JujaContinue reading “Playlists to inspire”


A few things running parallel in my life harmoniously synchronised in October this year to mean that I became a marriage celebrant and became engaged in the same fortnight.

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