Changing Your Name After Marriage in Victoria

You don’t have to change your name when you get married. But if you decide to, the most challenging part is prioritising what to do first. So here’s a guide for newlyweds changing their name after marriage in Victoria. What are my rights? You always retain the right to use the name on your birthContinue reading “Changing Your Name After Marriage in Victoria”

Wedding Music Tip #2

FIND THE BEST WEDDING SONGS ON THE GO Finding the best wedding songs to match the feeling you want for your wedding is a challenge. And although the technology that rides around in our pocket has dramatically opened up the options, there is now even more to wade through! You probably already use streaming appsContinue reading “Wedding Music Tip #2”

How to Write Wedding Vows

Transcript for How to Write Wedding Vows: I don’t know how many times I’ve sat at my desk waiting for a couple to—you know—send me their vows when it’s getting really close to the line. And the fact that I have to wait so often really indicates to me that there must be something IContinue reading “How to Write Wedding Vows”

You may now kiss the…

Traditionally, after the official business of marrying a couple is done, a celebrant will say something like, “you may now kiss the bride”. Which makes sense if it’s the nineteenth century and a groom has just taken possession of his bride. But I’ve never been comfortable with that wording. I don’t have the authority toContinue reading “You may now kiss the…”

That’s Not Very Punny

There’s often a fine line between a joke and an insult, and in recent years weve been bombarded by those who decry the growth of what they call “political correctness”, or as I like to call it, “good manners”. So is there a way to make non-offensive gay jokes, or do we need to beContinue reading “That’s Not Very Punny”

Surprise Weddings

A surprise wedding can be a great alternative for couples seeking something personal and fun. And better still, it helps to keep the family in check! You can tell your guests it’s an engagement party, which is quite a common approach. Maybe hold a farewell party and get married at it. You can tell themContinue reading “Surprise Weddings”

How to Pick Your Wedding Date

Choosing the best time to get married is no mean feat! Whatever you pick, you’re stuck with it as your anniversary! But even more important than that, the date you pick can influence: who you can book where you can book what it will cost, and whether you can even get what you want! So,Continue reading “How to Pick Your Wedding Date”

Great Dates for Weddings 2022

What are the best wedding dates for 2022, Australia? I have a few suggestions… Special days New Year’s Day falls on a Saturday, so it will probably be more popular than usual Lunar New Year falls on Tuesday 1 February in 2022 so there won’t be a lot of people clamouring for it Valentine’s DayContinue reading “Great Dates for Weddings 2022”

Wedding Music Tip #1

USE YOUR SOCIALS TO FIND YOUR IDEAL WEDDING SONGS One of the things engaged folks often struggle with in planning their ceremony is selecting wedding songs. Everyone agonises over it… but you’ve probably already given yourself a hint without even knowing it! If you’ve been using social media for any period of time, you’ve probablyContinue reading “Wedding Music Tip #1”

Much Ado About Titles

I had one of those awww moments recently, on seeing an article about a bride in the United Kingdom who, facing pandemic restrictions, stood down…

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